Super smooth surface

Glide effortlessly with a smooth as silk surface. Consistency from edge-to-edge means you know when you flick where it will land. Your aim will improve & you will hit more headshots.

Fray resistant edge

A machine stitched edge means no fraying and no peeling. This mousepad will last for years!

Designed to improve your aim

Lifetime warranty

Testimonials from full fade mousepad owners:

I love my full fade mousepad, really good size and quality and looks great too.

The mouse pad is much bigger than my previous one allowed me to lower my sensitivity and play more comfortably, I can easily glide my mouse along with great precision and they look great!

Full Fade mousepads have helped me improve my CSGO gameplay heaps with more freedom to move my mouse around and more stability.

Having used all types of mousepads over the course of many years, this is by far my fav. one.

The fullfade mousepad is an ideal mousepad for gaming. Its smooth surface is excellent for high precision aiming. It sticks well to the desk, and the braided edges provide a premium feel. I have had no issues with my mousepad and would gladly recommend it to anyone.

The Full Fade mousepad was a humongous step up from any other mousepad I had used prior. It is a mousepad that I will use for a very long time, because there is simply nothing better!

When I bought a full fade mousepad I turned into a flick god. Every flick I do is a headshot.

Definitely stepped up my game after i got it, just ranked global! Cheers a lot!

This mousepad is smooth which makes it comfortable to use and you can feel the soft fabric as you glide your mouse with precision. This is one of the best mousepads ever, it also looks sexy so that's just another plus.